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Who do we work with?

We work together with:

  • Recognized art experts by field of study,
  • Professional restorers (possibility of scientific research),
  • Framers (UV protective glass and matching hanging systems),
  • International Art Shipping companies.
Can we come and see the paintings?

The paintings can be viewed by appointment only.

Is there parking for visitors?

There is free parking for visitors behind the office. Along the front (street side) is paid parking.

How are the artworks shipped?

Works of art can be shipped worldwide. They are custom packed and delivered to your home. The artworks are fully insured from departure. Shipping will be paid for by the customer.

How do I access the secure artworks?

Access to the secure artworks are always on request.
You can contact us for this via the e-mail address selectart@telenet.be.

What about customer data?

Customer information is used for verification purposes only. After verification, they will not be maintained.

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